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Reinforcing diligent effort - that is what the Valentino's/Venture in Partnerships "High Five Club" is all about. It's taking the time to give a "High Five" to the student who pushes on to solve a difficult problem. Or offering a "High Five" to the student who invests some extra time to improve a certain skill.

Introduced in the spring of 1993, the High Five Club recognizes grade school students who demonstrate outstanding effort in classroom and school activities. Under the direction of Beverly Sovey, High Five Club Coordinator, and Barbara Hopkins, Director of V.I.P., 52 public and parochial schools in the Lincoln area are now participating in the High Five Club program.

When a teacher notices a pattern of exemplary effort by a student, that student is awarder a special High Five certificate. Valentino's also includes a buffet certificate for the student and posts her or his name on a

special display at one of the Valentino's locations in Lincoln. At the end of the school year, 16 High Five Club members are randomly selected to receive a $500.00 savings bond scholarship from Valentino's purchased through the Lincoln Public Schools Foundation. The scholarship winners will be honored at a special banquet at the beginning of the next school year.

This list recognizes all students (grades K-5) who received High Fives between November 21st and December 30th of this school year. Please join us in congratulating all of the members of the Valentino's High Five Club. Great job students - keep up the good work!

We apologize if we have inadvertently misspelled or left off your name. If you received a High Five certificate between November 21st and December 30th of this school year, and your name was left off this list, please have your parent or guardian email us your information.

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